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While I was a writer in residence at Strangeways and the first one in just after the riots -I thought it was a great idea to get some inmates poetry. I was given three minutes for the “Who Cares” program. Seven lifers came into the workshop to record their poems. One of the inmates was going down for his second murder – it was also his birthday. The next day I smuggled in a packet of chocolate digestives biscuits and a box of PG Tea teabags me and seven Cat’ A guys we shared a biscuit and tea party and I was treated like God and I got my three minutes of wonderful heartbreaking poetry

actor Jack Shepherd had brought his shakespeare company to manchester to perform “As You Like It”  i went with my sony recorder to get an interview for BBC Radio Four: kaleidoscope. I’d never seen the play but I thought there would be journalist there from the guardian, the mirror. I would listen to their questions and then more or less repeat – easy. No one else turned up. I confessed to Shepherd i knew nothing of shakespeare. He was wonderful about it, he gave me the interview and then took me to lunch with the whole cast.